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Here at Doughboy we strive to make head turning bakes that taste great! What started off as an artisanal small-batch bakery, has now grown into a multi-channel cookie concept. Consisting of two parts: Loaded cookies that can be posted nationwide and dough-to-door delivery with the goal of serving up warm dough to your door within the hour!

Our loaded cookies are a twist on the old classic, with a variety of fillings and flavours for occasions. The freshly baked doughs are inspired by your favourite chocolate bar  and delivered straight to your door using our delivery partners.

We want to raise the game when it comes to all things sweet, using the humble cookie as a vehicle to celebrate all occasions. That being said, our bread and butter (although we don’t bake bread ;) ) is still wholesale bakes. Whether it is cookies, cakes or bakes, these are still a core part of what we do here at Doughboy. 

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